Design & Materials

Our experience design team will serve preliminary meetings with clients and architects to understand their design intention. We will share our ideas and workability concept to the clients and architects for their consideration and demonstrate various options in assisting to parcel the final design.

Our design team will work closely with the production team in selecting the right choices of concrete mixture to produce precast samples for the clients/architects choices of selection. Selection of materials either concrete or GRC will be proposed based on colour, texture and finishes as desired by our clients/architects.

Samples and mock-up units will be produced for the client final approval prior to the actual production of the said precast products.

Our products include wall claddings, decorative panels, balustrades, grilles, planter box, Islamic motif and any custom make facade in meeting client’s requirement.

Our products come with various type pre-finished colours as well as the patterns with various surface treatments.