ARCK-DURA Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

Arck-Dura ultra high performance concrete is a game changing revolutionary product and making it a breakthrough in the building facade industry. It has a compressive strength of 100 MPa, is the combination of supreme quality Portland cement, silica fume, fine silica sand, super-plasticizer and super high discrete steel fibres.

ARCK-DURA is specially formulated by Dura Technology Sdn Bhd, for Green Arck Precast Sdn Bhd. Its provide the strength & design flexibility that un-match by other cementitious concrete materials.

As the exclusive partner for building facade to Dura Technology, whom is the industry leader in UHPC, the partnership ensure Arck-Dura Facade System to be equipped the purest pedigree of UHPC technology and quality.

Arck-Dura, with high durability, strength and reliability is exclusively used to control cost effectiveness. Its provides excellent resistance against blasting, high impact loading and abrassion, thus, prolonging wear and tear and eliminating the usage of conventional steel reinforcement bar.

The Arck-Dura Facade System will ensure the architects, designers and clients with highest degree of design flexibility & freedom.